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Are you tired of doing manual testing over and over again for each release? Do you wish you could automate some of it to be able to work on other interesting projects?

Well, you are in the right place. Whether you are a QA engineer with previous automation experience or no automation experience whatsoever we can teach you to become one in 5 weeks. That's right! In 5 weeks you will be able to write WebDriver tests in Java and bring up framework for any web application. Our course is designed to fit individual skill level and therefore is extremely effective. In addition, our professor/student ratio is not more than 1:3 guaranteeing the individualized attention to each student. All the instructions are conducted by Senior automation engineers that are currently working in top Silicon Valley companies and have up-to-date knowledge of best open source technologies available and widely used today. We don't teach anything you can't apply to your project right away. Our classes are designed to be hands on workshops mimicking the exact work environment automation engineers deal with in real work enviroment.

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About Usoops

WebDriver Guru School has been committed to training Automation Engineers since 2011. Founded by an established Senior Automation Engineer at one of the best internet companies in Silicon Valley, WebDriver Guru Learning Center has always used proven technologies and methodologies to share our expertise in developing frameworks and writing UI automation tests.

Our goal is to make you an expert in automation technologies by the end of the course so you are able not only to contribute to existing frameworks, but to build your own automation framework from scratch using latest open source technologies.

We thrive to create as close of an environment resembling that of a working one as possible by using operating systems and technologies that are used in the real world today. All work is done on Mac OSx and Linux OS. One on one instruction with maximum of 3 students in the class assure that you get the most individual attention from our instructors. Everybody's skill set is different and therefore we believe that crowded classes are not very effective because each student will absord new material at completely different pace. Our small classes make sure that each student absorbs and understands maximum material provided.

WebDriver Guru Learning Center focuses on building strong, working skill set in the area of UI automation, javascript development, testability, and problem solving skills. Teachers share successful strategies with students so they can succeed on their own.


Capacity is limited and classes are filling up fast. We only take a handful of students each month to assure the highest quality of classes. We recommend reserving your spot soon.

The cost for the full course is $1100. You will get 1:1 personalized instruction, textbook and video materials, but above all you will obtain invaluable experience working with the latest automation technologies used in the industry today.

Date Time Capacity Cost Register
March 2014 Wednesdays, 7-9 pm
Saturdays, 10-12 am
Full $1100 ---
April 2014 Any two weekdays 7-9pm
Open $1100
May 2014 Any two weekdays, 7-9pm
Open $1100


  • Q: How long does the course take?
  • A: Course takes ~20 hours of instructions.

  • Q: How long is each class?
  • A: Each class is 2 hours.

  • Q: Are classes on weekdays or weekends?
  • A: Both: Weekdays 7-9pm and Weekends 10-12pm. But it's flexible.

  • Q: Do you provide a textbook?
  • A: Yes. All the material including a textbook is provided.

  • Q: Do you provide a computer?
  • A: Unfortunatelly No. Classes are hands on and students are expected to do a follow up homework on their laptops.

  • Q: Which Operating Systems are supported?
  • A: Windows, OSx and Linux.

  • Q: I don't have any programming experience. Is that a problem?
  • A: Not at all. The class is designed to be suitable for any skill level. We will teach basic Java structures required to write a framework.

  • Q: Is Selenium the same as WebDriver?
  • A: WebDriver is an extension of Selenium, but they do not share APIs. The concept is the same though and once you know WebDriver you can pick up Selenium quickly.

  • Q: Where are the classes taught?
  • A: We have two locations to choose from: San Jose and San Francisco.

  • Q: Do you provide a certificate upon completion?
  • A: Yes you will receive a certificate of completion on request only.

  • Q: Are there any requirements to qualify for the class?
  • A: Yes. Fluent English and full commitment to the class. No previous experience necessary.

Contact Usoops

    Address: 350 Tower Hill ave. San Jose, California 95136

    Phone : 415.335.0222

    e-mail : webdriverguru@gmail.com

    Please send us any questions you might have. Our response rate is on average within an hour.

    Also please check FAQs in case we have already answered it :).

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